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Parla is a next-gen English learning app that teaches
We build a solution specifically for intermediate and advanced learners.
Learn exactly what you crave, whenever you want it.
AI-powered speaking practices
Overcome language barrier with diverse speaking practices that will keep you motivated and never bored.
A personal learning program
Get personal recommendations and a learning experience that's as special as your unique needs.
Wide range of learning mechanics
From grammar to vocabulary and word building, we provide the tools that make you an English pro.
meet Your
personal language teacher.
Our content selection features authentic topics, a knowledge base of vocabulary and grammar, and a handy dictionary.
You'll learn everything you need to know to rock the workplace like a pro.
  • Business English
  • Elevator pitch
  • IT English
  • Presentation skills
  • Job interview preparing
Archive your dream and become who you're meant to be.
  • Academic English
  • Data analysis
  • Essay tips
  • IELTS, TOEFL preparing
  • Personal statement
Learn foreign language to live you live to the fullest.
  • Chit-chat and small talks
  • Discussions
  • Keeping up a deep conversation
  • Solving everyday life problems
  • Talking about newest trends
We love to talk about English and share learning tips
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