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screening and beHavioral interviews
The course consists of 8 modules covering all aspects of soft skills interviewing. We'll teach you how to answer tricky questions.
The course is supervised by top international HR experts.
We use state-of-the-art technologies to create a safe space for you to practice and give you the experience of one-on-one lessons with a teacher.
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Mock interviews
Speaking is a core part of this course. Fight self-doubt by chatting with AI tutor.
Conduct mock interviews as often as you need - our trainer is always available. Receive personalized feedback on every interview.
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We not only improve your English, but help you understand and hack the interview process.
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Course content
This is a safe place for you to practice your answers. You can study whenever you want and at your own pace. And you will always get feedback from an AI tutor.
Module 1. Preparation Strategies and Initial mock screening interview
  1. Gathering Information About the Company
  2. Tailoring Responses to the Specific Role
  3. Simulating Real Interview Conditions
Module 2. Elevator pitch practice
  1. Describing who you are, your key skills
  2. Highlighting Key Achievements and Skills
  3. Developing a Concise Elevator Pitch
Module 3. Building a Strong Foundation
  1. Identifying Key Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Identifying your motivation
  3. Why you’re a good fit and why do you want this job
Behavioural part
Module 5. Navigating Common Behavioural Themes
  1. Responding to Failure and Setbacks
  2. Managing Conflicts and Disagreements
  3. Making Tough Decisions Under Pressure
  4. Demonstrating Leadership in Professional Settings
Module 4. Contribution and responsibilities
  1. Highlighting your recent responsibilities and tasks you solved
  2. Recognising the value you bring to the project
  3. Describing yourself as a team player
Module 6: Advanced Scenarios and Challenges
  1. Handling Ethical Dilemmas
  2. Balancing Innovation and Constraints
  3. Managing Major Transitions
  4. Steering Teams Through Ambiguity and Uncertainty
Module 7. Effective Communication and problem solving
  1. Articulating Complex Ideas Simply
  2. Tailoring Communication to Different Audiences
  3. Navigating Team Dynamics
  4. Reasoning. Why this and not that
Module 8. Cultural Fit and Adaptability
  1. Understanding Company Culture
  2. Demonstrating Alignment with Organizational Values
  3. Discussing Adaptability in Professional Settings
  4. Addressing Unexpected Challenges
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