Learning tips

How to watch series to learn English

No one can blame you for watching too many series any more! With these tips, you'll learn how to do it to learn English.

1- Use Subtitles Wisely

Begin with in your native language to aid comprehension. As you become more confident, switch to English subtitles, and eventually, turn them off altogether to challenge yourself.

2 - Focus on Listening

Pay close attention to the characters' pronunciation, intonation, and natural rhythm of speech. Try to identify different accents and dialects, as this will improve your ability to understand various English speakers.

3 - Take Notes

Write down new words, phrases, and expressions that you encounter while watching. Look up their meanings and create flashcards or a vocabulary journal for review.

4 - Repeat and Rephrase

Repeat after the characters to practice pronunciation. Additionally, try rephrasing sentences or lines from the series to reinforce your understanding and language production skills.

5 - Pause and Reflect

Pause the series when you encounter challenging dialogue or scenes. Take the time to analyze the language used, understand the context, and make connections to what you already know.

6 - Discuss with Others

Engage in discussions about the series with fellow English learners or speakers. Sharing your thoughts and insights can enhance your language skills and foster a deeper understanding of the content.

7 - Mix Genres

Explore different genres of series to expose yourself to diverse vocabulary and language styles. From comedies to dramas and documentaries, each genre offers unique language learning opportunities.

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