Flatter your eyes: Face Idioms

Let’s familiarize ourselves with some new idioms related to human’s body.

Smack one’s lips

If you smack your lips, you open and close your mouth noisily, especially before or after eating, to show that you are eager to eat or enjoy eating.
“I really want some desert”, she says, smacking her lips.

Raise one’s eyebrows

To lift one’s eyebrows to display of shock, surprise or offense.
She raised her eyebrows at the idea, but after I went through the details of the plan, she agreed to support it.

Prick up one’s ears

To start listening to something very carefully because it sounds interesting.
I pricked up my ears when I heard my name mentioned.

Mouth something

To move the lips as if saying something.
”Can you help me?” mouthed Sarah.

Flatter one's eyelashes (at someone)

To look and moves eyes to make herself/himself attractive to someone.
She started to flutter her eyelashes at him to get him to pay for her.

Purse one’s lips

To press your lips together and outwards because you are angry or are thinking.
Sarah pursed her lips disapprovingly.

Blow one’s nose

Clear one’s nose of mucus by blowing though it into a handkerchief.
I had a terrible cold and spent much time blowing my nose.

Puff out one’s cheeks

If you puff out your cheeks, you make them larger and rounder by filling them with air.
He puffed out his cheeks and sat back in his chair.

Turn one’s nose up (at something)

To refuse to accept something because you feel that it is not good enough for you.
She turned up her nose at the job because she didn’t think it was prestigious enough.

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