Learning tips

How to overcome the Intermediate plateau

Found yourself caught in a vicious circle of making no progress in English? Don’t worry, you’ve just run into the Intermediate plateau and you can handle it using some of the following tips:

1. Work, work, work

The best tactics are to keep studying, despite losing interest and a burning desire to give it all up. Try to find some topics you are into, enjoy and keep going!

2. Details are the key

You have learnt enough of English basics, it’s high time you paid attention to some little details in grammar and lexis. Some new grammar exceptions, idioms, phrasal verbs and it all clicked!

3. Over and over again

One of the key elements of the Intermediate plateau is the fossilization of mistakes, when you keep making the same mistake over and over again and turn a blind eye to them. But there is always a way out! Try to analyze sentences in which a particular mistake is being made and work on it - you can make up new sentences, record them and listen to the sentences again.

4. Diversify your learning routine

Add more videos, podcasts, articles on your favorite topics, new tasks and coursebooks and enjoy! The more the better! But don’t forget to take a break for a bit.

5. Practice makes perfect

The main purpose of learning a new language is speaking. Try to speak as much as possible - have «shower conversations» with yourself while taking a shower, chat with natives online or offline, speak using an AI language learning app (we'll talk about it later 😉).

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